Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Twitter mounted to invite incoming swallow

Twitter mounted to invite incoming swallow . But relatively few . At home Bardiansyah just installed 8 pieces , while at Juanda 20 pieces . Because the Bardiansyah swallow tiny , hole - sized voids between floors - 1 mx 1 m only. While at home Juanda , because its size is rather large and the floor height of just 1.5 made ​​larger voids : 2 mx 3 m . The goal is to swallow when maneuvering space more freely .Most importantly safe and comfortable housing conditions for the swiftlets . Humidity above 75 % and a little light - not total darkness . TherefoJadwal Bolare , the incoming light is set to create gradations of lighting in the home building . There is a section which is rather bright , dim , and there were dark . This is to adapt swallow from outside to inside the house . The trick , light enters detained by installing a short bulkhead at the end of void .To maintain moisture , do not need to use the atomizer machine , DAK build or pond water . At home swallow adequately equipped minimalist bowl or bucket of water . Juanda , for example , uses 25 buckets placed on the floor . Yet little humidity in the house much influenced outdoor environment. Even the presence of a pile of dirt in the room alone swallow can increase humidity . Impurities that must be diligently cleaned so that the air inside the building is kept clean , healthy , and ammonia gas does not contaminate the nest color .Problem building materials , can be selected according to taste . Bardiansyah using a wall of brick and cement . The floors are made of boards , not concrete , because waletnya house standing on the kitchen . While Juanda uses material from meranti wood good for walls , floors and lagurnya . ' Because of low cost , capital could be back after 2 harvests a nest , "said Juanda . ( Tri Susanti & Arief Budiman Drs , consultants swallow in Kendal , Central Java )SOUNDS MORE COULD his voice . That piece SENTENCE SOUND TECH BRAND TELEVISION bazooka FEW YEARS AGO . EXPRESSIONS THAT REPRESENT PAS swallow HOUSE TWEETER NEW FINDINGS THAT CAN TRANSMIT SOUND FAR : TWEETER bazooka .Tweeter cannon shaped like a tube that starts to peep Collocalia fuciphaga breeders in the homeland as Pontianak , West Kalimantan , and Surabaya , East Java . Any breeders in Malaysia and Vietnam . The cause of this new tweeter in addition to functioning swallow fishing is also environmentally friendly . No disturbing noises around the house the residents of saliva gold .Conventional tweeter -type funnel allegedly caused quite a disturbance . Three years ago in the center of swallow in Sedayu , Gresik , East Java , a group of people to go to a house swiftlet sound tweeter due uninterruptedly throughout the day . ' They were interrupted because of the sound of the tweeter funnel spread to residential areas , "said Ubaidullah Thohir , swallow practitioners in Gresik . Lucky this problem can be resolved peacefully . That would not happen if using a bazooka tweeter .long-distanceJudi Bola Online

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