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By design , pruning in coffee cultivation is divided into three kinds:

Pemengkasan establishment , aims to establish a framework of plants such as canopy shape , plant height and type of branching .
Production cuts , aiming to cut the branches that are not productive or old branches . This is done so that the branches grow crops more productive focus .
Jual Jam Tangan Online In addition , this pruning branches to discard diseased or pest .
Rejuvenation pruning , made ​​in plants that have experienced a decline in production , the results kuranng of 400 kg / ha / year or canopy shape which has been irregular . Prune after fertilization to maintain the availability of nutrients .
d . weeding
Coffee plants should be kept clean of weeds , especially when plants are young . Perform weeding every two weeks , and clean the existing weeds under the tree canopy coffee . When the plants are large enough , which is beyond the control of weeds coffee plant canopy can utilize cover crops . Weeding is done on mature plants only when necessary .Pests and diseases
Cultivation of coffee pests and diseases will decrease productivity , quality coffee quality and even plant death . Some common pests and diseases which attack the coffee plant are as follows :

Coffee fruit borer . Striking young and old plants . As a result of the attack the fruit will fall or abnormal development of the fruit and rot . Can control this pest is to improve field sanitation , respiratory shade trees , harvesting the fruit is attacked, and spraying kimia.Memasuki first half of 2010 the coffee farmer in the highlands Tapanuli crop failure , the impact is felt farmers whose territory at an altitude of 1000 meters - 1300 meters above sea level ( asl ) . Coffee Crops in the region are generally new Arabica , everyday language in a short sebut'kopi ' or ' coffee Ateng ' .From April to early June usually coffee farmers face beaming because they 've pocketed the money from the sale of harvested coffee cherries , which seemed to voice a complaint now because coffee plants do not bear fruit .

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