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Description Forest of Hope (Hope Rainforest)

Hope is the restoration of forest ecosystems in Indonesia located in Jambi and South Sumatra. Location Forest of Hope is located on the border of the two provinces of Jambi and South Sumatra, with a total area of ​​98.554 hectares. This forest is
BUNDAPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA  part of the concession before the two companies logging concessionaire forest concessions (HPH). Forty percent of the area is the Secondary Forest High, 25% is secondary forest and 25% Moderate a Low secondary forest. The remaining 10% is open area and shrubs. 

Hope Forest neighborhood located in District Bejubang, Jambi Province. Geographically this region is located between 103015'0 south latitude and 205'0'', 5'' east longitude.
Figure 2.2. Map Location of Forest Research in the area of ​​Jambi Hope
2.3. Effect of Climate Soil temperature is one of the factors that determine the soil physical presence and density of soil organisms, thus the soil temperature will determine the rate of decomposition of soil organic matter. Fluctuations in soil temperature is lower than the air temperature, and soil temperature depends on air temperature. Topsoil temperature fluctuated in one day and night and the seasons. Fluctuations it also depends on the weather conditions, topography and soil conditions (Suin, 1997). According to Wallwork (1970), the magnitude of the change in the temperature wave away layers of soil relate to the amount of solar radiation falling on the surface of the ground. The amount of radiation that terintersepsi before reaching the ground surface, depending on the existing vegetation on the surface. Measurement of soil pH is also very necessary in conducting research on soil fauna. Suin (1997), states that there are animals that live in the soil pH soil acidic and some are happy to live on land that has an alkaline pH. For this type of Collembola are choosing to live in the so-called acid soil Collembola asidofil group, who chose to live on the land base class called Collembola kalsinofil, while that can live in the soil acidic and basic groups called Collembola indifferent. III. METHOD
3.1. Location and Time Research Research will be conducted in two different places, namely in the field and in the laboratory. Field research was conducted in Oil Palm Plantation in Jambi Hope Forest Area. While at the Laboratory of Soil Biotechnology Laboratory carried out in the Department of Soil Science and Land Resources (ITSL) IPB and Laboratory of Zoology Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) Cibinong Bogor. The study will begin in November 2013 until April 2014.
3.2. Materials and Equipment The materials used in this study is an example of land,
SARANAPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA 70% alcohol and ethylene glycol. The tools used in this study is Kempson extractor, plastic bag (to bring the sample), microscope, stereomicroscope, drill soil (soil cores), litmus paper, thermometer, petri dishes, bottles films / bottle collection, tweezers, needle ose, pipettes, glass beaker, Collembola identification books, cameras, paper labels and stationery.

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Make a list of criteria that guy or girl you seek or you want.

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Agen Bola Online  respond to the stories with brilliant opinion , without sounding patronizing . 8 . Many women face a quiet man who often awkward and sweaty face of the woman he loved . Train yourself to be prbadi calm in any situation . Dignified calmness gives the

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Clove trees that have been selected to be the seed

Clove trees that have been selected to be the seed or seedling nursery use process , we suggest some flowers are harvested and left 5-10 % each tree . The seeds of good quality usually lies on the shoots , because larger seeds and almost no empty . Harvested seeds are seeds that have been stained dark purple and some have fallen . These seeds ripen about October / November . So about 4-5 months after harvest , or 9-10 months of potential interest.
Then, after all the ripe seeds collected , new peel .
Jadwal Bola Peeling is done carefully so as not to wound . Once peeled newly washed with clean water, then sorted to separate the bad seeds like diasntaranya ; seeds are so small, there are black spots , kotilnya one, or one clove fruit but contains two seeds.
Once sorted and selected , and clove seeds soaked in water. If clove seeds of good quality , then each kilogram contains 800-900 bbiji . Finally, the clove tree seeds taken to the needs of seeding and breeding condition usually decreased , to the cultivation of flowers or seeds after picking desperately needed. Even better if added with manure and leaf-like Wuxal Bayfolan until clove tree seeds taken quickly recovered.
Seedbed and Breeding CloveClove cultivation process usually starts from nursery work and seedbed . To be able to acquire and produce productive clove trees and quality , nursery and then work must be done in good seedbed , painstaking.
In choosing a seedbed , there are several factors in mind:

The soil should be fertile and easily irrigated ( especially in the dry season )
Place seedbed should be sheltered from strong winds
Strategic places (eg simple and close to transport seeds planted acreage )
The levels of work to be done in the seedbed :

Make pins or marks on the ground to be hoed . Maksimal175 cm in width and length up to 5 meters , or conditional determined by looking at land or field .
Between Embankment seedbed given water drains about 50 cm.
Cultivation of land to be made ​​Embankment a depth of about 30 cm .
Clean grass and other nuisance plants to the roots .
Cultivation is repeated 3 times to loosen soil , then digulut about 20 cm above the surface of the trench .
Around every gulutan / Embankment seedbed given retainer ( amping ) for seedbed soil water insoluble wrong .
Soil mixed with manure that has been cooked on average one every 3m ² tin or conditional , see the intensity of soil fertility.
Installing shade average height of 2 meters with reed roofs , palm leaves or straw .
Every gukutan / Embankment sprayed with insecticide powder or mixed land incex to kill caterpillars , gangsir , creep , etc. , are happy to eat the seeds of clove .
Once everything is ready, the seeds are planted muulai .
free classified ads Choose the best quality seed or home. Seeds can provide their own if they have a nice clove plant stem . If you do not have a good binih , took sebaiknyya looking at agricultural stores or board- lembbaga agriculture and crop trusted

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To complete the final project as an agricultural student

To complete the final project as an agricultural student , I was given the opportunity to examine this exotic fruit with the Judi Poker Online Uang Asli Indonesia e " Compatibility Between Crosses Red dragon fruit ( Hylocereus polyrhizus ) and Yellow Dragon Fruit ( Selenicereus megalanthus ) . In this article I would like to discuss more about this study with a more easily understood kata2 ( colloquially - Red ) . Therefore for my friends who want to see the full proposal please open the " research" I am on this blog .
Sign in crossing technique . Actually crossbred plants are conventional plant breeding techniques . Performed as one of the efforts to improve the genetic diversity of plants . Whose name crosses surely there must be a marriage that will more often be regarded as artificial pollination events . And speaking of technique cross course, we will discuss in detail the technical (in the technical sense I mean it can be replicated and performed because of a clear picture ) .

Bintaro Xchange Mall  Before doing crosses please do preparation :
1 . Flowers yellow dragon fruit ( Selenicereus megalanthus )
2 . Flowers red dragon fruit ( Hylocereus polyrhizus )
Make sure the flowers are already experiencing anthesis ( bloom ) . And make sure that the pistil ( stigma ) and stamen ( anthers ) are ready to be crossed . Characteristics stamens are ripe stamens were out dai juice box . And physically resembles flour can fly if we blow air on it . While the mature pistil say if there is some kind of slime that is able to make it stick pollen . If the pistil pistil tassels dragon fruit looks more open so as to catch the pollen in considerable amounts .
1 . Flashlight ( for dragon fruit flowers are nocturnal ( night blooming ) so crosses done at night around 21.00 pm .
2 . Stairs ( used if interest is high enough in places )
3 . Closing pistil (
Mall di Jakarta make a sort of cover of wax paper )
Before performing the cross we see the first dragon fruit morphology
( no picture )
flower stamens are yellow section , are numerous and circularpistils of flowers hang down and are also clearly visible yellowpetals white parts
So how did a cross ?1 . Choose flowers that are ready ( anthesis ) . So we will call this flower as female parents . Because interest is what will be the fruit . ( see figure 1 )
2 . Close pistil with wax paper ( or plastic ) : is done so that we can ensure the Friedel-Crafts AlkylationInstitutional Assessment Instrument Project , Planning and Improvement management , ,Sentence Construction The Beginner English Language Learning English in the District Environmental Su ...

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Sabab: cudurada abuur spore dhasha dabaylaha ka soo dalagyo kale oo weeraray .

Sabab: cudurada abuur spore dhasha dabaylaha ka soo dalagyo kale oo weeraray .Astaamaha: dusha caleen yihiin jaamaha ee jaalaha ah iyo brown aakhirka dheeraad ah desiccate oo dhiman , ama waxaa jira oo faraqa leh midab cad cada abu-abu/ungu .Gacan ku haynta : JUDI BOLA, AGEN BOLA, AGEN JUDI BOLA PIALA DUNIA ( 1 ) In kiimiko ahayn oo u eg in Fusarium cudurka miyaad ;(2) Geedaha lagu buufiyay ku masax Dithane M laga bilaabo 1.8 ilaa 2.4 qiyaasta daawada garaam 45 / litir ; Delsene MX 200 at dose oo ah 2-4 garaam / litir , 65 wp Trimoltix dose of 2-3 garaam / litir oo Daconil 75 qaadasho wp of 1-1.5 garaam / litir .
C.AntraknosaSabab: sida Fusarium cudurka miyaad .Astaamaha: caleemaha eegi baro cawlan in aakhirka soo jeedin caleemo mid guduudan oo aakhirkana u dhintaan .Marka weerarka iyo midhaha , waxaa muuqata goobaabin casaan si tartiib ah ballaarinta .Gacan ku haynta :( 1 ) sameeyeen xirfado maaraysay kiimikada aan ahayn , sida Fusarium cudurka miyaad ;(2) Adeegsiga Velimex 80 masax WP qiyaasood oo 2-2.5 garaam / litir oo biyo ah .
abuur D.BusukWeerarto abuur ah Scandinavian .Astaamaha: abuurka jir brown , faafinta , ka dibna ku dhacay isagoo meyd .U maaraysay : abuurka lagu qooyay Benlate 20 WP dose daroogada 1-2 garaam / litir oo biyo ah iyo 44 dose FF biyo 1-2cc/liter Difolathan .
miro E.BusukSabab: fangas jirooyinka / bakteeriyo by Bisaylkiisa menginfeksi miro iyo khudrad ka soo firfircoon ka dib markii la qaadi .Gacan ku haynta : iska ilaali iyo hortago waxyeellada maqaarka Midhihii , wanaag ah ee kaydinta ama gaadiidka ,goynta ah waxa la sameeyaa inta lagu jiro saacadaha maalinnimadii ma aha daruuro leh / roobaadka .caleemaha F.KaratSababta : fayras qaadeen khasatan on caleemaha dhirta in ay beeraan .Astaamaha: ahayed caleen , Pinto , Cismaan yaynaan ,warshad koobi iyo dildilaaca Longitudinal ka kac on jir ah .Gacan ku haynta : sida Fusarium cudurka miyaad .Daroogada No laga helay sax ah , ilaa dalagyada ay saameeyeen xayiran goostay , sidaa daraadeed waxa aan ku faafi doontaa geedaha caafimaadka qaba . JUDI BOLA, AGEN BOLA, AGEN JUDI BOLA PIALA DUNIA 7 > 3.GulmaIntaa waxaa dheer in ay carqalad by cayayaanka iyo cudurada , xanuunada sidoo kale sabab u tahay yaraanta / Franchise koritaanka dhirta lagu raadeeyo nafaqo iyo horumarinta . Deficiency nafaqo geed qaraha The iyo damacbadnaan , eexanuunsado oo ka soo haramaha ( weeraryahanka dhirta ) .
8 . SIDA LOO goosashada qaraha8 > 1.Ciri iyo Age HarvestDa ' go'ay 70-100 maalmood ka dib ka dib markii laga beerto .* 1.Ciri Features:ka dib markii isbeddel ah ee midabka midhaha , iyo laamo ah ee midhihii uu bilaabo inuu ku darinamiro ayaa la soo goostay karaa ( go'ay ) .Weather ay saameeyeen beergooyska , iyo nooca abuurka ( nooca hybrid / noocee ah Triploid , iyo sidoo kale nooca miro dhagax ) .
* Harvest 2.CaraIn qaadaaya furuutka goostay waa in marka cimiladu waxa loo sameeyaaoo cirka qoraxdu iyo cad ilaa iyo dushiisa oo dhan maqaarka ee xaaladaha qalalan ,iyo hay for penyimpananan ama gacmaha ah ee iibeyey.Waxaan soo jeedin jarida qaraha sameeyo qabato .
* Harvest 3.PeriodeGoynta waxaa loo sameeyaa in caadada dhowr .Marka ay midhaha oo waxaa la goyn karin at buro la mid ah ,laakiin markii u dhigma ma jirto waxaa la samayn karaa 2 jeer .Midhaha ugu horreeya go'ay yihiin jir , intiisa kale iyaga oo dhan qaadi at mar .Third ka dib caleemo ay bilaabeen in ay qalalaan , sababtoo ah midhihii ma waxay ahaydkoraan kartaa warbixin dheeraad ah ka dibna midhaha loo baahan yahay in si degdeg ah la soo bixiyay .
* 4.Perkiraan ProductionDhalidda Production ka so Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia  o qaraha , geed kasta waa noqon xayiraaddhalidda miro , ilaa soosaarka lagu qiyaasay wadarta .Sida ku haboon , lacagta inta u dhexaysa 2-3 xabbadood oo midho ka halkii geedka ( mid ka mid ah laamaha geedka iyo 2 on stem ugu weyn ee geedka ) , oo leh miisaan miro ± 6-8 kg halkii geedka .
9 . Post- GOYNTA9 > 1 . CollectionWaxurursiga ah beergooyska ilaa diyaar u ah in la suuq , waa in lagu sameeyo sida ugu dhakhsaha badan ee suurogalka ah si looga hortago waxyeello si midhaha , sidaas darteed waxa uu saameyn doono tayada midhaha iyo qiimaha iibka . Saamayn ku tayada midhaha ku fulan heer sax ah , maxaa yeelay waxa ay saamayn ku yeelan doonaa tayada dhadhanka , inay caraf udgoon iyo apparitions xayeesiinaya , xaddiga qumman yahay oo biyo ah .
9 > 2 . Kala soocidda iyo penggolonganTani waxay badanaa ku xiran tahay kala-saaridda iyo la socodka baahida suuqa .Kala soocidda iyo qaraha kala soocidda lagu sameeyo fasallada dhowr , ka mid yihiin: 1 ) Fasalka A : miisaanka = 4 > kg , xaaladda jidhka ah ku qumman , oo aan aad u bislaado .2 ) Class B : miisaanka ± 3.5 3,9 kg , xaaladda jidhka ah ku qumman , oo aan aad u bislaado .3 ) Shahaado C : miisaanka ± 3.0 si 3.4 kg , xaaladda jidhka ah ku qumman , oo aan aad u bislaado .4 ) Class D : ± 2.9 miisaanka <condition sortiran class intii ka hadhay AB iyo C 9> 3 .
KaydintaKaydinta qare wayn oo ku saabsan ganacsatada dabaqa( Inta ay sugeyso qiimo ka fiican ) waxaa loo sameeyaa sida soo socota:1 ) Kaydinta marka heerkulku hooseeyo qiyaastii 4.4 darajo oo C , iyo huurka ah waa inta u dhaxaysa 80-85% .2 ) kaydinta jawi kantaroolo ( hab dejinta heerka of O2 iyomaleeyo heerka of CO2 ogsijiinta ama korodhka of dioxide kaarboon (CO2) , waxay yarayn kartaa habka Neefta ah .3 ) boos Keydinta gacanta ku heerkulka la'aan : by qashin ah ee loo hayaa caws la qalajiyey 10-15 cm qarada weyn leh Geedka Dhalxiga ah oo qabanqaabiya 4-5 halkii lapisnya siin caws buu u qalalan ah muddada gaaban kaydinta .
* 4 . Baako iyo GaadiidkaSi ay u joogteeyaan tayada shuruudaha mar walba waxaa fiican in dadka weeyeelka ah halka kama dambeysta leh Qabrigi si sax ah iyo si taxadar leh .
1 ) Isticmaalka a gogo ' caa Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia diga ah si loo fududeeyo gaadiidka .2 ) xaadirka ah ee gaadiidka Badbaadi waxyeellada farsamoyaqaanka la iska dhaafi karo .3 ) maciishaduna ay kula qoraalada ku nidaamsan on sanduuqyada , gaar ahaan ku saabsan tayada iyo miisaanka midhaha .
* 5 . u maaraysay OtherMarketing waa mid ka mid ah cunsur muhiim ah , waa in la eegaa ku xariijimo qiimaha iyo suuq-geynta ka soo saarayaasha ( beeraleyda ) si ay macaamiisha .
Qiimaha iibka sare oo kollay wada baabba'aan .Marketing Common waxaa loo sameeyaa iyada oo loo marayo nidaamka jumlada leh qiimo hoose , ama iyada oo loo marayo tallaabooyin badan (sida soo saarayaasha , ururiya , dukaano ) .
10 . Falanqaynta Dhaqaalaha OF qaraha beerashada dalagyadaFalanqaynta qiyaasta ah ee dalagga qaraha aagga beerashada of 1 hektar beeray permusim ( 4 bilood ) ee West Java ee 1999 .
1 ) Qiimaha soo saarka1 . Land- Rental of 1 ha dalka halkii xilli sii kordhaya RP 800,000 , -- Warshadaha Nelson Mandela oo 50 HKP @ RP 7,000 , - RP 350,000 , -- Tan shire digaag Foster 9 @ RP 75,000 - RP 675.000 , -- Dolomite 500 kg @ RP 250 - RP 125,000 , -- 100 kg ee mulch caag ah @ RP 7,500 , - RP 750,000 , -- Foster ee barn , Dolomite 11 HKP @ RP 7,000 , - RP 77,000 , -
2 . yihin- Qaraha abuur 20 Gr 2 pack @ IDR 20.000 , - RP 40,000 , -- Seeds of qaraha oo aan abuurka 200 garaam 10 santuuq RP 800,000 , -- Polybang abuur 3kg @ RP 10.000 , - RP 30,000 , -- 20m caaga hufan @ RP 1.500 , - RP 30,000 , -- Yihin Energy 12 HKW @ R JUDI POKER, AGEN POKER, AGEN JUDI POKER ONLINE INDONESIA BANK LOKAL P 5.000 , - RP 60,000 , -
3 . baahida bacriminta- HOL 210 kg @ RP 1.500 , - RP 315,000 , -- 520 kg ZA @ RP 1.500 , - RP 780,000 , -- Tsp 140 kg @ RP 1,800 , - RP 252.000 , -
- KC1 455 kg @ RP 1,650 , - RP 750.750 , -- 60 kg Asili bacriminta raac @ RP 2.400 , - RP 144,000 , -
4 . Beeraha- Tag Faafitaanka bacrimin iyo caag ah mulch 40 HKP@ RP 7,000 , - RP 280,000 , -- 10 kg Furadan @ RP 6,500 , - RP 65,000 , -- Dhaqaaji warshadda 23 HKP @ RP 7,000 , - RP 161.500 , -
5 . ilaalinta- Waraabka 14 HKP @ RP 7,000 , - RP 98,000 , -- Cabbiraad of saqaf 9 HKP @ RP 7,000 , - RP 63,000 , -- Bacarimiso iyo ku xereen ilaa 33 HKP@ RP 7,000 , - RP 231,000 , -- Comminution 27 HKP @ RP 7,000 , - RP 189,000 , -- Selection of 8 HKP @ RP 7,000 , - RP 56,000 , -- Furida of 10 HKP dalka @ RP 7,000 , - RP 70,000 , -- Laamood gooyaa 12 HKP @ RP 7,000 , - RP 84,000 , -
6 . Labor- Energy beerta taxadir 10 HKP @ RP 7,000 , - RP 70,000 , -
7 . Warshadaha GUBUG 1 goobta @ RP 100.000 , - RP 100.000 , -8 . Harvest iyo goosashada 22 HKP @ RP 7,000 , - RP 154,000 , -
Kharashka wax soo saarka Total RP 7.600.250 , - JUDI POKER, AGEN POKER, AGEN JUDI POKER ONLINE INDONESIA BANK LOKAL 2 ) Dakhli1 . Qaraha oo aan abuurka ( 22 872 kg x Rp.525 , - ) RP 12.007.800 , -2 . Qaraha Seedless ( 2977 kg RP x 475 , - . ) RP 1.414.075 , -Wadarta dakhliga ee RP 13.421.875 , -
3 ) Macaashka halkii hektar ( ee xilli ciyaareedkan 1 ) RP 5.821.625 , -

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Hay una cosa interesante , a saber, la letra del párrafo séptimo 69

Hay una cosa interesante KAISARBET.COM AGEN BOLA TERPERCAYA PIALA DUNIA 2014, a saber, la letra del párrafo séptimo 69 encontrado la palabra ' basthatan ' (si escribe consistir en letras ba ' , calzados , aunque' , ta ' ) . Aunque por lo general la palabra debe escribirse con la letra ba ' , el pecado, aunque' , ta ' ( por ejemplo, en una carta al segundo párrafo 247 ) . Según la historia, cuando la disminución en el versículo 69 Gabriel le dijo al Profeta Muhammad a escribir la palabra ' basthatan ' calzados con la letra , pero los elementos de las letras ' calzado ' Queda por ver como la letra "pecado" , y que está marcado con la letra pecado colocado en minúscula sobre la letra « calzados ». Es muy claro que Dios da letra adicional " calzados " en el Corán que la cantidad sea berkelipatan 19 , porque si no, entonces el número se redujo a 151 .26 . Sura 40 s / d al 46 comenzando con ' Kha ' las letras y Meme . Habiendo examinado tanto el número total de cartas en estas cartas es un múltiplo de 19 .Cartas al número de múltiplos de 19 Kha Meme40 64 380 -41 48 276 -42 53 300 -43 44 324 -44 16 150 -45 31 200 -46 36 225 -Total 292 1855 2147 19 X 11327 . Sura 10 , 11, 12 , 14 y 15 comienzan con la letra ' Alif ', ' Lam ' , y ' Ro ' . El número total de letras en estas cartas es un múltiplo de 19 .Cartas a múltiplos Alif Lam Ro de 19 totales10 1319 913 257 2489 19 X 13111 1370 794 325 2489 19 X 13112 1306 812 257 2375 19 X 12514 585 452 160 1197 19 X 6315 493 323 96 912 19 X 4828 . Sura 2 , 3 , 29, 30 , 31 y 32 comienzan con la letra ' Alif ', ' Lam ' , y ' meme ' . El número total de letras en estas cartas es un múltiplo de 19 .Cartas a múltiplos Alif Lam Min de 19 totales2 4502 3202 2195 9899 19 X 5213 2521 1892 1249 5662 19 X 29829 774 554 344 1672 19 X 8830 544 393 317 1254 19 X 6631 347 297 173 817 19 XSARANAPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA  4332 257 155 158 570 19 X 3029 . Cartas a la 19 que comienzan con las letras kaf , ja ' , sí' , ain , y calzados .Cartas al 20 a partir de Tho ' y ha' .Sura 26 comienza la carta Tho ' , el pecado, y el meme .Sura 27 comienza la carta Tho ' y el pecadoSura 28 comienza la carta Tho ' , el pecado, y el meme . Considere la siguiente relación:Cartas a la temprana tarde aunque ha Monto meme pecado ( múltiplos de 19 )19 kaf , ja , sí- ain , calzados x 175 x x20 Tho, ha 28 251 x x26 Tho , el pecado, mim 33 x 94 48427 Tho, el pecado 27 x 94 x28 Tho , el pecado, mim 19 x 102 460Total 107 426 290 944 1767 ( 19X93 )Más sobre número privilegio 19 :* Características de la número 19 en las ciencias matemáticas se conoce como uno de los ' números primos ', que es un número que no es divisible por cualquier número excepto a sí misma . Los privilegios simbolizaban que Su naturaleza paseaba TODOPODEROSO no compartía con nadie, excepto para sí mismo ( Sura 3, versículo 112 ) .* El número 19 está compuesto de los números 1 y 9, donde el número 1 es el primer número primo y el número 9 es el último número primo en nuestro sistema de cálculo. Estas características indican la naturaleza de Dios ' Maha Maha Principio y el Fin "( Sura 57 versículo 3).* El número 1 simboliza la naturaleza de su ' Todopoderoso ' ( carta - 112, párrafo 1 ) , mientras que el número 9 como el mayor número primo que simboliza uno de los personajes de la 38 ª "el grande" .* En el año calendario Komariyah ( Sistema circulatorio un mes), el año bisiesto ocurre una vez cada 19 años .* Marco de humano a saber: - hay 7 segmentos cervicales vértebras, hay 12 columna vertebral vértebra , por lo que el total de 19 segmentos. (Referencia: "Atlas de Anatomía " , Prof. Dr. Chr. P. Raven. . . ) .* El número de dedos qBUNDAPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYAue contienen el número 19 de milagro? (Nota : para ignorar la muñeca vértebras ) . Por favor, cuente usted mismo entonces usted encontrará lo siguiente :meñique == > Hay cuatro seccionesdedo anular == > Hay cuatro seccionesdedo medio == > Hay cuatro seccionesíndice == > Hay cuatro seccionespulgar (pulgar ) == > Hay tres segmentos-------- +( 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 3 ) = 19 Número total de segmentosAllah sabe bissawab ." Somos nosotros los que reveló el Corán y nos son precisamente lo que la guarde. " ( 15 versículo 9 )" Eso no vino a él ( el Corán ) error / error , ya sea por delante o por detrás, que se deriva de Dios, el Más Sabio , el Digno de Alabanza . " ( 41 versículo 42 )" De hecho, el Corán realmente su palabra que distingue entre el bien y el mal. " (86 versículo 13)" Y recita lo que vuestro Señor os diwahtukan el Libro ( el Corán ) . Nadie puede cambiar sus oraciones. Y no va a ser capaz de encontrar refugio fuera de Él " . ( 18 versículo 27 )palma
Cada persona debe tener una línea como la hay en la foto. Tenga en cuenta la huella de su mano, con el pulgar en la parte superior , usted verá una forma de línea I / \ Y / \ I ( en números árabes , lo que significa : 18 y 81 ) . ¿Qué pasa si usted suma 18 + 81 = 99 . Sabemos que Asma ul Husna 99 es (Nombres de Allah ) .Si la banda de rodadura de la banda de rodadura mano izquierda sobre la mano derecha bajo el entonces resta , entonces se convierte en: 81-18 = 63 . Esta es la era del Profeta, así como la edad de las personas en general hoy en día .Cuando se acopla el 18 y el 81 , el formulario número 1881. Este número es un número que es un múltiplo de 19 a - 99( 19 x 99 = 1881 ) . Como se sabe el número 19 es un fenómeno especial en el Corán ,que es uno de los milagros del Corán.Publicado por mi clase a las 06:42 Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia  Enviar un blog Compartir con Twitter Compartir con FacebookBagikan a PinterestEtiquetas: Al Quran , Información , Matemáticas , Logro , secretos Matemáticas1 comentarios:

Sinto GANTENG16 02 2014 23:02

Enclavamiento MATH 2015 ....... IMAMMAHDI ? ? ?
JABER BOLUSHI , un autor musulmán chiíta , escribió un libro titulado " 10 2015 EE.UU. Mahdi vendrá" . Previsión Bolushi refiere al número secreto 19 , tal como se encuentra Sayyid Bassa Jarrar y utilizar el método de cálculo numérico taqlidi cols revistas y número Shaqir al al al. Números 19 es el número de letras que contenga la palabra " Basmallah " . Números 19 es un número principal en un sistema matemático , porque consiste en el menor número 1 y el mayor número 9. Algunos privilegios número 19 en el Corán , que incluye la palabra "Dios" en el Corán como muy repetida 2.698 veces ( 19 x 142 ) , la palabra " Rahman " se repite en el Corán tanto como 57 veces ( 19 x 3 ) y la palabra " útero " repite en el Corán tanto como 114 veces ( 19 x 6 ) .

yo escribiera un artículo de refutación. Voy a dar el título del artículo : Satrio ( Piningit ) Imam Mahdi VIENE 2015 ? (Respuestas crítica contra Jaber Bolushi ).
Sigo usando la palabra Satria ( Piningit ) para describir la figura de Imam Mahdi porque según mi creencia Satrio lógica y podemos ver pero Piningit (ocultar ) dentro de Satria y puede que no sea visible. Como es el caso con el Imam Mahdi, el Imam (líder ) podemos verlo, pero su todavía Mahdi Piningit ( escondite ) en el mismo Imam . Mahdi se relacionan directamente relacionado y estrechamente relacionado , y no son parte integral del Mesías (Jesús Cristo o Jesucristo).
Artículo patricio Chakra se publicará en el blog SPTM . Ciudadanos especialmente dedicados y leales específicamente para este blog .