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Cantaloupe generally oval, with bright orange skin with patches

Cantaloupe generally oval, with bright orange skin with patches of greenery. Behind the rind is thin, there is a relatively soft flesh and textured. On the inside there is a cavity that contains seeds and fibers. Cantaloupe is rich in potassium and mineral content of provitamin A and dietary fiber. Nutrient content in the fruit is helpful to improve the immune system, nourish Agen Bola the kidney and spleen function, and lowers blood pressure. Cantaloupe can be easily found in the traditional markets, while cantaloupe that has been treated as a mixture of iced drinks, can be found in many public places, such as markets, schools, shops, and so on.

c.Timun queen is seasonal plant fruit-bearing members of the tribe pumpkin-Labuan (Cucurbitaceae). Other names betik or barteh. Half-ripe fruit is usually sold seasonally in the fasting month (Ramadan) because flesh into components beverages to break their fast. Nevertheless, cucumber plants are not seasonal because it can be planted anytime. Cucumber contains potassium which is quite high so it is helpful to maintain freshness. Cucumber is not a cucumber though faint elongated fruit shape and resembles a cucumber. The morphology and cytology he is not the same as a cucumber. Leaf shape and size of the seeds of cantaloupe or honeydew closer.

d. Passion fruit plants belonging to the genus Passiflora, originating from tropical and sub-tropical regions in America.

Another name for this fruit is known among Maracuja (Portuguese), maracuyá (Spain), Passion Fruit (UK), Granadilla (South America and South Africa), Pasiflora (Israel), Liliko'i (Hawaii), and Lạc Tien, Chanh Day or Chanh leo (Vietnamese).

Indonesia there are two types of passion fruit, the purple passion fruit
Agen Bola (Passiflora edulis) were grown in the highlands, and the yellow passion fruit (passiflora flavicarva) were grown in the lowlands. Some of the areas that became

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