Sunday, June 1, 2014

Form of fertilizer in the form of tablets

 Form of fertilizer in the form of tablets , weighing 4 grams per tablet
Recommended dosage one tablet each plant

Agen Judi Online    Single fertilizer in the form of a mixture of ZA , TSP , or SP - 36 & KCl
Recommended dosage 1 : ZA + 100 kg TSP or SP - 36 60 kg + 50 kg KCl per hectare . Supplementary fertilizer repeated every 4 months with the same dose .
Recommended dosage of 2 : from the age of 3 months after planting ZA fertilized with 125 kg or 62.5 kg urea + TSP or SP - 36 75 kg / ha . At the age of 6 months fertilized enclosure 10 tons / ha .
Method of fertilizer application embedded / inserted to within 10-15 cm deep trench between the rows of pineapple plants , then cover with soil . Another way : sprayed on the leaves , especially nitrogen fertilizer at a dose of 40 grams per liter of urea or urea solution ± 900 liters per hectare .5 ) Irrigation & WateringAlthough pineapple plants resistant to dry climate , but For optimum plant growth that is needed yan enough water . Irrigation / watering is done within a week or 1-2 times depending on weather conditions . Adult pineapple plants still need watering stimulates For optimal flowering and fertilization . Watering is done 2 weeks. Soil that is too dry can cause stunted growth and fruit pineapple into small pieces . The time that is best watering evening & morning using a spray machine . Read more about Fruits Pineapple Cultivation through the following link >> Pineapple Fruit Cultivation Method .Similarly RAISING GUIDELINES article FRUIT PINEAPPLE , may be useful .
Pineapple plants can grow well in areas with rainfall evenly
Taruhan Bola Onlinedistributed throughout the year with a number between 1000-2000 Mm per year as well as the optimum temperature of 32o C. These plants grow well in areas with an altitude of 100-200 m above sea level , but in certain circumstances can also grows well at an altitude of 1200 M above sea level . In areas that are C and D climates pineapple plants can grow well in areas that are technically irrigation .

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