Sunday, March 16, 2014

To complete the final project as an agricultural student

To complete the final project as an agricultural student , I was given the opportunity to examine this exotic fruit with the Judi Poker Online Uang Asli Indonesia e " Compatibility Between Crosses Red dragon fruit ( Hylocereus polyrhizus ) and Yellow Dragon Fruit ( Selenicereus megalanthus ) . In this article I would like to discuss more about this study with a more easily understood kata2 ( colloquially - Red ) . Therefore for my friends who want to see the full proposal please open the " research" I am on this blog .
Sign in crossing technique . Actually crossbred plants are conventional plant breeding techniques . Performed as one of the efforts to improve the genetic diversity of plants . Whose name crosses surely there must be a marriage that will more often be regarded as artificial pollination events . And speaking of technique cross course, we will discuss in detail the technical (in the technical sense I mean it can be replicated and performed because of a clear picture ) .

Bintaro Xchange Mall  Before doing crosses please do preparation :
1 . Flowers yellow dragon fruit ( Selenicereus megalanthus )
2 . Flowers red dragon fruit ( Hylocereus polyrhizus )
Make sure the flowers are already experiencing anthesis ( bloom ) . And make sure that the pistil ( stigma ) and stamen ( anthers ) are ready to be crossed . Characteristics stamens are ripe stamens were out dai juice box . And physically resembles flour can fly if we blow air on it . While the mature pistil say if there is some kind of slime that is able to make it stick pollen . If the pistil pistil tassels dragon fruit looks more open so as to catch the pollen in considerable amounts .
1 . Flashlight ( for dragon fruit flowers are nocturnal ( night blooming ) so crosses done at night around 21.00 pm .
2 . Stairs ( used if interest is high enough in places )
3 . Closing pistil (
Mall di Jakarta make a sort of cover of wax paper )
Before performing the cross we see the first dragon fruit morphology
( no picture )
flower stamens are yellow section , are numerous and circularpistils of flowers hang down and are also clearly visible yellowpetals white parts
So how did a cross ?1 . Choose flowers that are ready ( anthesis ) . So we will call this flower as female parents . Because interest is what will be the fruit . ( see figure 1 )
2 . Close pistil with wax paper ( or plastic ) : is done so that we can ensure the Friedel-Crafts AlkylationInstitutional Assessment Instrument Project , Planning and Improvement management , ,Sentence Construction The Beginner English Language Learning English in the District Environmental Su ...

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