Thursday, March 20, 2014

Clove trees that have been selected to be the seed

Clove trees that have been selected to be the seed or seedling nursery use process , we suggest some flowers are harvested and left 5-10 % each tree . The seeds of good quality usually lies on the shoots , because larger seeds and almost no empty . Harvested seeds are seeds that have been stained dark purple and some have fallen . These seeds ripen about October / November . So about 4-5 months after harvest , or 9-10 months of potential interest.
Then, after all the ripe seeds collected , new peel .
Jadwal Bola Peeling is done carefully so as not to wound . Once peeled newly washed with clean water, then sorted to separate the bad seeds like diasntaranya ; seeds are so small, there are black spots , kotilnya one, or one clove fruit but contains two seeds.
Once sorted and selected , and clove seeds soaked in water. If clove seeds of good quality , then each kilogram contains 800-900 bbiji . Finally, the clove tree seeds taken to the needs of seeding and breeding condition usually decreased , to the cultivation of flowers or seeds after picking desperately needed. Even better if added with manure and leaf-like Wuxal Bayfolan until clove tree seeds taken quickly recovered.
Seedbed and Breeding CloveClove cultivation process usually starts from nursery work and seedbed . To be able to acquire and produce productive clove trees and quality , nursery and then work must be done in good seedbed , painstaking.
In choosing a seedbed , there are several factors in mind:

The soil should be fertile and easily irrigated ( especially in the dry season )
Place seedbed should be sheltered from strong winds
Strategic places (eg simple and close to transport seeds planted acreage )
The levels of work to be done in the seedbed :

Make pins or marks on the ground to be hoed . Maksimal175 cm in width and length up to 5 meters , or conditional determined by looking at land or field .
Between Embankment seedbed given water drains about 50 cm.
Cultivation of land to be made ​​Embankment a depth of about 30 cm .
Clean grass and other nuisance plants to the roots .
Cultivation is repeated 3 times to loosen soil , then digulut about 20 cm above the surface of the trench .
Around every gulutan / Embankment seedbed given retainer ( amping ) for seedbed soil water insoluble wrong .
Soil mixed with manure that has been cooked on average one every 3m ² tin or conditional , see the intensity of soil fertility.
Installing shade average height of 2 meters with reed roofs , palm leaves or straw .
Every gukutan / Embankment sprayed with insecticide powder or mixed land incex to kill caterpillars , gangsir , creep , etc. , are happy to eat the seeds of clove .
Once everything is ready, the seeds are planted muulai .
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